Best typewriter in India


Top typewriters in 2018


Typewriters are perhaps the most practical kind of technology present on the market. In an author’s life, a type writer is more than just a typing tool, it is connected with the essence of their writing, their thoughts and most of all ”time”. There is something about this ageing machine that creates a highly emotional bond with its user. At some point in their lives, almost all aspiring writers have used it. Many still do. You will find some of the best typewriter reviews below.



Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter


If you are looking for a classic black typewriter, you have come to the right place! The top rated typewriter reviews point out that it is lightweight, but sturdy and portable. It comes with a medium sized rugged clamshell carrying case,  which makes it easy for you to carry the typewriter with you wherever you go. It has a point system of Pica 87, spool length of 25.5”, a shift lock as well as a margin release feature.



Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter


This mid-level daisywheel typewriter is portable and comes with a professional touch keyboard. It has an automatic “line-out”  and “word-out” correction memory, along with a 70,000 word dictionary and an error-locating  ’Find’ feature. Other features include automatic paper insertion and carriage return, reverse and forward indexing as well as an automatic repeat for all characters. A 16-character LCD display and the ”view mode” helps the writer keep an eye on the work.



Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter


If you are student, working from home or own a small business that requires an affordable typewriter to assist you, it might be the product that you need. This daisy wheel electronic typewriter is designed for small use as most best typewriter reviews point out.  It has  a professional touch keyboard and a 65-character correction memory. You can take it with you anywhere you go, be it university, on a bus or to the park on a nice Sunday morning. It is compact and extremely portable. The variety of automatic time saving features in this model makes it stand out.



Brother ML-300 Electronic Display Typewriter


This is a typewriter with an international keyboard. You can type in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English owing to the interchangeable cassette daisy wheel.  It has a 78,000-word English dictionary and a 16-character LCD display that allows you to keep an eye on any corrections. It provides you with an automatic center, bold, underline and right margin printing. You can type as fast as 12 characters per second using the Perfect type professional touch keyboard, which makes it one of the best typewriter in 2018.



Brother ML-100 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter


The ML-100 is one of the best typewriters this year. It will not only save you a lot of time because you will be able to reach a higher typing speed thanks to its innovative design. It has a lot of automated features such as paper insertion, center, underline, bold, and right-margin printing and automatic relocation. You can type in Portuguese, Spanish and French as the additional keyboard settings enable the user to choose the required character set for the specific language.