Best steam cleaner in India


Top steam cleaners in 2018


Worried about how to keep your home or office spotless? Do you want to rejuvenate those carpets and upholsteries and to restore them to their original color, brightness, texture and smell? No household tool could help you like a carpet steam cleaner can. The best steam cleaners reviews in India 2018 will help you determine what kind of tool matches your demands in terms of efficiency, ease of operation, as well as additional features you can expect to complement the basic functions.



BISSELL Big Green Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner


If in need of professional cleaning at home without turning to rental solutions, do not overlook this amazing tool. Praised as one of the best available solutions for in-depth cleaning on the market, it removes the most bothersome dirt (pet stains, hardened dirt and whatnot) and the adjoining smells, restoring surfaces (carpets, floors, upholstery) to their original shine and texture. The fast dry function increases its ranking, whereas the intelligent indicators allow you to see when tanks (one for clean water, the other for dirty water) need to be checked. Plenty other valuable features boost up this tool’s efficiency.



Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean Surge


This is a complete cleaning tool you can rely on in all circumstances, may it be the regular cleanup or a quick home facelift when you expect guests. It is powered by a 12 amp motor, and it incorporates the SpinScrub technology suitable for narrow, sloped, or heavy traffic areas, which makes it one of the best carpet steam cleaners in 2018. It also features the Dual Tank technology which separates clean from dirty water, eventually easing washer cleaning. To top it off, the fast dry function helps you complete the cleanup a whole lot faster. Considerable longevity adds up.



Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner


The reason why this is expected to be one of the best carpet steam cleaners in 2018 is it enables a customized cleanup, due to the three modes you can select and activate, according to the task you want to complete: spill pick-up, gentle or power scrub. A significant feature of this cleaning tool is the DualV nozzle, which evens power distribution on the cleaning path. Powered by a 12 amp motor, this cleaner is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces, such as stairs and upholstery, due to the incorporated handheld tool that increases its versatility.



Hoover SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner


Pet owners who care about their four-legged friends as much as they treasure spotlessness will be glad to see the best carpet steam cleaners reviews recommend this appliance as one of the best solutions available on the market. The usual functions owed to the embedded technologies (SpinScrub for in-depth cleaning, handheld tool for difficult surfaces, separated tanks for clean and dirty water) have now been updated such as to suit the cleanup-related needs of people who love the companionship of a pet: spot and smells affecting hard and carpeted surfaces will become a thing of the past.



Hoover MaxExtract Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner


It comes as no surprise this is one of the top rated carpet steam cleaners in 2018: it is suitable for both carpeted areas and hard floors. This means in the long run it helps you save money on additional appliances specialized in each type of surface. But it is not just the multi-surface feature which makes it a leading model on the market. The SpinScrub technology allows you to clean the most difficult in-depth stains, and the SmartTank system keeps clean and dirty water separated, generating extra convenience for you. The fast dry function tops it off.