Best electric hair clippers in India


Top electric hair clippers in 2018


The electric hair clipper has become an absolute must have in your bathroom kit these days. Not only does it save you repeated trips to the salon and unnecessary waiting time, it is also a handy tool for people who want to always look stylish. Now that you are sure you want one you must start looking for the best model available. To get an idea about what you should look for, take a look at the following reviews for some insightful information.



Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper


This is one handy device which could solve many of your unwanted hair problems. The Oster hair clipper is all you need to get your hair into shape. The clipper allows you to cut your hair to exactly the length you want using the adjustable blades.Many satisfied buyers have ranked it amongst the best electric hair clippers in India 2018 not only because it can accomplish the perfect shave but also saves because it prevents hair being snagged and pulled. Easy to clean and with a one year warranty, the Oster ProfessionalFast Feed Clipper could definitely be the perfect match for you.



Wahl Five Star Magic Hair Clipper


This product from Wahl is something that you will see at most hairdressers in the town. This quality device offers the best value for money in this price range and that is why the best electric hair clippers reviews rate it so highly. The product comes in a neat kit complete with 6 cutting guides (1/8″ to 1″); oil; cleaning brush; blade guard and operating instructions. You can use this to cut your hair or for trimming your mustache or beard. The clipper does not make too much noise. This is quite handy when you are using it to cut your kids’ hair as machines with loud noises tend to make them jittery. All in all a quality product that does not cost a ton.



Wahl Professional 8110 5-Star Series Balding Clipper


The Wahl Professional8110 Balding Clipper is designed to give you that complete bald look that is so popular these days. The clipper is equipped with a powerful cutter and with surgical blades. However the clipper works equally well on your beard too. This sturdy device is a good investment if you want to avoid regular visits to the barber and if you are not a fan of waiting in queues as it gives you the possibility of achieving the neat look at home. The clipper efficiently gives you that clean look in just a few minutes which means that it will save you some time on busy mornings.



Andis 66215 Envy Hair Clipper


The Andis Clipper is designed for convenient use and easy styling of all types of hair. This handy tool is ergonomically designed and it surely deserves a special mention in the best electric hair clippers list. It is a must have for professionals as it doesn’t overheator jam even on prolonged use, while the light weight makes it easier to handle than some other models. Another nice touch is that the tool comes with a hanger loop which allows for easy and convenient storage.



Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper


The Wahl 79600 is a handy tool for those who have to travel frequently. The clipper stands out not only because it comes with the convenience of being cordless but also matches the expectations of any conventional clipper and trimmer. It certainlydeserves a spot on the top rated electric hair clippers list. Count on it to give you the clean shaven look even when you are forced to live out of a suitcase. The Lithium Ion batteries hold their charge for a long time and eliminate the requirement of charging frequently.