Best disc sander in India


Top disc sanders in 2018


If you notice that your tools are becoming dull, you may think about purchasing a sander to get them back to their original sharpness. Depending on your sharpening tasks, the choice of disc sander can be quite tricky. To get a better idea on which sander better suits your needs, read these best disc sander reviews submitted by people who already own the product.



JET Benchtop Disc Sander


If you are looking for a heavy duty disc sander with a fan-cooled motor, this is the perfect product for you. It has a built-in impellor which greatly helps with dust collection. You can also attach a different dust collector to it. Quality and innovation are the words that best describe this product. The JET is made from heavy duty steel and it has an oscillating feature that dramatically reduces heat, making it a disc sander worthy of earning a spot in the best disc sander reviews.



Shop Fox Combination Sander


Included in the list for best disc sander reviews in India 2018 is the Shop Fox Combination sander. It has a 6-inch wide belt that easily sands flat surfaces. You can sand from different angles using its 10-inch sanding disc. It runs a 1 horsepower, single-phase motor that provides ample torque. Its strong cast iron construction is made for heavy workloads. It also comes with a built in cabinet where you can store other important tools. It is designed to generate less vibration, preventing annoying noises.



Delta Power Equipment Corp Disc Sander


This particular disc sander is constructed from heavy duty cast iron. It has a powerful assembly that supports demanding sanding tasks. Its top-mounted manual brake is really convenient and it quickly stops the disc in just a matter of seconds. Being designed for superior dust collection, it operates by neatly drawing the dust away through its fan.



POWERTEC Belt Disc Sander


Its built-in dust collector is probably the reason why it is considered as a top rated disc sander. This is a particularly solid model and it also does its job pretty well considering the very affordable price. The sanding ability is really good, especially since its belt does not slow down even when pressure is added. It is definitely an excellent sanding machine, capable of delivering flawless results.



Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander


This is a rather impressive disc sander powered by a ½ horsepower motor. It comes with a belt sander with dimensions of 4 by 36 and, of course, a sander disc 6 inches in diameter. The belt table can tilt up to 90 degrees and the cast-aluminum disc table can tilt up to 45 degrees. It is the best disc sander on the market considering its excellent features and incredibly affordable price.